The WheelieBoard is a mobile dry/wet erase board with removable tack board panels.


  • Tempered glass dry/wet erase board.
  • ELIMINATES ghosting so your notes are not visible to the next meeting
  • Never worry about using a Sharpie on your white board. It will come off.
  • Removable tack board (cork) panels (both sides) that can easily be hung on any wall with optional hanger clips
  • Heavy duty extruded aluminum frame with extra fastener points for great stability and rigidity
  • Locking castors
  • Custom bent steel legs for easy nesting capability
  • Fits easily through doorways & elevators
  • Competitively priced


  • Additional tack boards
  • Additional clips for wall mounting tack boards
  • Frame mounted shelves / cups to hold markers, erasers, etc…
  • Frame / Leg colors – coming soon
  • Glass colors – coming soon

Use Cases

  • Create usable, on demand office / space partitions.
  • Create huddle spaces using WheelieBoards as temporary walls
  • Promotes creativity while maintaining privacy for people using them
  • Single unit in an office